Latin America & Caribbean



G Adventures: Best of Central America tour. I was lucky to visit 6 of the 7 Central American countries in one month! Each country had its own character and beauty but together, it was an incredible journey full of adventure, new cultural experiences and new friends. Apart from Belize, each country’s main language is Spanish which I was thrilled to be able to speak the whole time out there!

As the tour included our transport and accommodation, I didn’t know a lot of these prices but click on each hotel/hostel name for a link to tripadvisor. Plus a few of our tours I will describe were arranged by our tour leaders but similar ones can be booked when you’re out there. I comment on entry and exit fees by land (for a British passport only) so do check visa requirements for your individual passports.

Click on the links below to check out each country…all feedback is welcome!

Best of Central America: 1. Costa Rica

Best of Central America: 2. Nicaragua

Best of Central America: 3. El Salvador

Best of Central America: 4. Honduras

Best of Central America: 5. Guatemala

Best of Central America: 6. Belize

Best of Central America: 7. Mexico

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