Weekend in Paris


Paris is always a good idea. It’s the city of love and probably has the one of highest proposal rates in the world! It’s London’s well dressed, cool and cultural neighbour. I first visited aged 13 on a school trip to Disneyland which was great. But my most recent trip was during November ‘16 for a brief weekend trip with one of my pals.

We took the last EasyJet flight of the evening from Gatwick to Charles De Gaulle Airport and stayed in the cosy Hotel Elysees Flaubert . It was a room only so we could indulge in cute French cafes around town.

The next morning was so sunny and it stayed so pleasant all weekend! We were a 10 minute walk away from Arc de triomphe so after passing numerous pharmacies (anyone who’s been to mainland Europe will understand!), we started our sightseeing here. The Arc is an absolute beauty and as impressive as it appears in films but is surrounded by the most stressful roundabout that I’ve ever seen!

View from underneath the Arc
Top of the Arc!
Champ Élysées

We continued our tour with a stroll down Champs-Élysées..this infamous French avenue stretches down to Place de la Concorde and is filled with shops, boutiques, restaurants and more. We are mere mortals after all so couldn’t pass Sephora without going in..amount of time spent in there will never be known!

Close by are the Grand Palais and Petit Palais…if given the choice, would you rather live in pic 1 with the view of pic 2 or the other way round?!

No. 1

I chose the first option…

After deliberating this decision, we continued to the banks of the River Seine and then onto the beaut garden Jardin de Tuileries.


Tuileries Gardens feat my amazing pal!


Now everyone knows of the Louvre but I had no idea how amazing it truly is. This epic art museum (the biggest in the world) has a never ending display of paintings, prettier ceilings and naked statues…and of course is home to the most hyped painting of ALL TIME. Prepare to immerse from the Louvre as a newly cultural being.


Spot the odd one out
Our lady


Last big stop of the day was the beautiful medieval cathedral Notre Dame (no hunchbacks were spotted though). The architecture is gorgeous so it’s worth a visit inside too. Literally round the corner and my fave restaurant of the weekend is Au Bognat . Whatever you choose to eat, make sure you get a side of their chips because those are the tastiest dam potatoes that I’ve ever had!

Our other Lady


So guys, night time in Paris is lit!



In our zone

After a post dinner tour of the Eiffel Tour, our Saturday night continued to Monsieur Bleu for drinks and ended at Djoon club for their Motown party! If you get a chance to go to their themed nights, I highly recommend it.


Sunday was a cool down day with a romantic walk along a large stretch of the River Seine to the “Love Lock Bridge”


Pont Alexandre III


I wonder how many of these couples are still together?!
Pont Neuf


Final and perhaps most the important stop of the weekend was to this place…

Macaron anyone?!

So that’s my Paris weekend in a nutshell! If you are aged between 18-25 inclusive and have an EU passport, then you get discounted entry on many sights which we enjoyed! And the metro is a fairly pleasant way to get round for longer distances (the spacious double decker one which took us to the Eiffel Tour was my fave).

Paris deserves to be experienced many times over so I will be visiting again to hopefully see it like a chic Parisian (but starting with a show at Moulin Rouge!). How many times have you been to Paris? Let me know your favourite things to do!


J Xo

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